Welcome to Paw-Ways Loved:  A Senior Canine Sanctuary. 
Our mission is to help seniors left behind due to circumstances beyond the control of their owners.  Death or incapacitation of their owner and military deployment are instances where a pet may lose their beloved home.  In many cases other family members are not able to take on the responsibility of caring for this pet.  By providing proper veterinary care, diet and exercise and a loving and homelike atmosphere, we help them to live out their remaining years in comfort.  We love our “Seniors”.
Enjoy our latest video update of all the paws with us now and the ones that have crossed the bridge who will be Paw-ways Loved.

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Paw-ways Loved is a greyt place to live!! Please consider a donation to help all the seniors living on our farm.
Licky Bicky
We love staying at the Growling Blanket Inn! Your donations go to our upkeep and medical needs.
Big Girl
My sister, Ms Wizard and I came to Paw-Ways Loved unwanted by our old owners. We are now happy as can be!! Please donate today!
Crazy Tongue
I give Growling Blanket Inn
Sweet Sarah
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